7 Foods That Improve Blood Circulation

Diet is key to maintaining good health, being especially interesting when it comes to cardiovascular health. It is, therefore, important to design a diet that favors and protects our body from heart disease and strokes, being important that our spleen and liver work well and purify toxins that accumulate in the body. Avoiding poor blood circulation and strengthening the lymphatic and immune systems are essential for good general health.

If you want to avoid this type of problem, in this article we offer you a selection of the 7 foods that improve blood circulation, in addition to recommending you always lead an active life, try to have your legs elevated when resting, combat constipation and resort to hydrotherapy to activate blood circulation. Learn to take care of yourself!

Add These Foods To Your Diet To Improve Your Blood Circulation

Think for a moment in your heart and make your life easier by eating better and doing some exercise.

Keep in mind that a sedentary life and an inadequate diet only contribute to thickening the arteries, make them more rigid and favor the formation of clots that block blood flow.

Among the foods that you should introduce into your diet to improve your cardiovascular health are:



Ginger is a food that provides numerous health benefits, being also ideal for giving a very special flavor to desserts such as biscuits and cookies. Among its benefits, it stands out to be ideal for helping lose weight if taken on an empty stomach, in addition to improving circulation by promoting the dilation of blood vessels and helping to combat so-called bad cholesterol.

It is also ideal to avoid dizziness caused by vertigo.

It can be consumed dry mixed with yogurts or in salads, as well as infusions.


apple fruit

The apples are one of the healthiest and most beneficial foods.

This fruit considered as a true little miracle of nature by presenting high fiber content, reducing cholesterol levels, and protecting our cardiovascular health thanks to having polyphenols and pectins.

Also, the apple is a perfect ally for our oral, stomach health, as well as for a weight control diet.

Blueberries And Red berries


Its attractive color and delicious flavor make it one of the fruits that you cannot miss in your daily diet.

Its consumption helps reduce the risk of having a heart attack, in addition to dilating the arteries and improving our blood circulation.

Try them in juices and smoothies!



The garlic is an essential ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, ideal for preventing plaque buildup and helping eliminate toxins from our blood.

Its capacity as a natural blood anticoagulant and its stimulating action on blood circulation is also known.

It is recommended to take one clove of raw garlic daily.



The nuts are dried fruit of the most recommended for those wishing to improve their general health and heart function in particular.

They have as main attraction its richness in essential fatty acids, omega-3, in addition to providing us with vitamin B3 a whole set of ingredients that have a vasodilatory effect and promote blood circulation.



According to specialists, turmeric is a food with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

It favors blood circulation and helps combat the effects of free radicals and toxins that accumulate in our bodies.

It can be consumed in infusions, creams, and sauces.

Citrus, especially lemon

citrus fruits

The lemon is rich in vitamin C, being ideal for the formation of elastin and collagen, two proteins that promote the good condition of the capillary wall.

It is recommended to drink lemon juice diluted in a glass of warm water every morning. Its effect is enhanced if turmeric or ginger is added.

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