5 Benefits Of Superslow Exercise. That Will Surprise You

If you think that you can only stay fit and lose weight doing hard cardio sessions until you are exhausted, when you discover the benefits of super slow exercise, you will change your mind for sure!

Exercising at a leisurely pace brings numerous benefits, little known even to the widespread belief that the faster we run or do repetitions, the better results we will obtain.

Of course, high-intensity cardio, especially in interval training (HIIT), is effective when it comes to burning calories, but there is another way of training, just as effective, that has more and more followers.

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It is what is known as LISS training, which could be defined as the opposite of HIIT, that is, cardio training prolonged in time maintaining a low and constant intensity.

Benefits of slow exercise

exercise at low intensity

A LISS workout consists of performing any exercise at low intensity so that your heart rate does not exceed 60 – 65% of its total capacity.

According to experts, this is the ideal band for the body to start pulling accumulated fats as an energy source, so staying in it for a considerable time, at least 45 minutes, is a guarantee that your adipose tissue will end decreasing.

You can try exercising slowly with almost any sport you do. Common examples of this training option are walking at a good pace, or practicing on the elliptical or on the bike, always maintaining constant effort and rhythm.

They are not the only possibilities. You can also do a LISS training in the strength series you practice in the gym, prolonging the time you dedicate to each series and trying to avoid the “spikes” you try to give your best.

Why choose to do super slow exercises?

exercise slowly

It must be made clear that this way of practicing sport is not incompatible with other types of training.

You don’t have to give up anything, because you can perfectly combine LISS sessions with others that demand more speed.

Knowing the benefits of exercising slowly can change your training plan. Pay attention:

Lower risk of injury

lower risk of injury

Exercising slowly allows beginners or people with a basic level of training can also play sports without health risks.

The heart rate does not “shoot” (especially important for those who may have some type of cardiovascular disease), and the level of demand for muscles and joints is also lower. Hence, the risk of suffering an injury drops significantly.

Perfect “fat-burning”

perfect fat burning

It must be emphasized that the heart rate of 60% – 70%, maintained over time, is ideal for your body to burn fat and not just resort to the carbohydrates’ immediate energy. If you want, in addition to losing weight, to reduce volume, sign up for super slow exercises.

Keep in mind that metabolizing fats requires a greater expenditure of oxygen and, therefore, a greater expenditure of calories to meet the needs of a metabolism that is working at full capacity.

Improve technique and posture

improve posture

It is one of the great advantages of exercising slowly.

Mark the starting position and pay attention to the evolution of the exercise, because time does not count, it is the best option to perfect your execution technique for each of your movements.

Less stress

less stress

It is also important to enjoy while doing physical activity.

The requirement to complete, for example, a circuit training that beats your own record, can cause unnecessary anxiety that brings you more problems than benefits.

Less recovery time

less recovery time

It’s a good thing about slow exercise. You have trained hard but do not feel exhausted and are willing to repeat the next day, is it an advantage or not?

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